Shades of Moonlight first saw the light of day in October, 2003 and the intention with this domain has always been to function as a collective for my website. I have considered on some occasions to turn the domain into a site of its own, but considering one of my former fansites slowly transitioned into becoming a personal site, I no longer saw the need.

Dream Universe

What is the site about?
Dream Universe functions both as a portfolio for my creative works, as well as being a standing testament to my great fortune as a fan.

What began it all?
Created back in 2001, the site originated as a tribute towards the television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel under the rather unoriginal name Buffy & Angel 4-ever [yes, I still cringe when I think about it]. It has had several temporary homes such as Homestead, Geocities & Nightsdream[dot]com before finding permanent residence on my very own domain.

What can you find there?
The site has two primary sections, the first details my personal encounters with celebrities, detailing who, when, where, as well as providing photographs, autographs and the like. The second is a collection of my work within various fandom, such as fanvideos, fanfiction, artwork, etc.

Any future plans?
The intention is to eventually expand the actor section of the site to include more personal stories regarding each encounter [where possible]. I would also like to add a couple of more fun and interactive elements to the site at some point.


What is the site about?
FanNation is a multi-fandom writing community separated into an archive and a forum.

What began it all?
In the beginning there was FanLib, a company run writing community set out to elevate the status of fanfiction [and hoping as companies do to make a profit while doing it]. Many fanfiction writers steered away, wanting nothing to do with the potential commercializing of the activity, but those of us who did for some reason find our way to this site, we found a community in each other. So when it was announced at the end of July 2008 that FanLib was shutting down, effectively closing the site for all activity merely a week later, we vowed to stick together, and FanNation was launched within a month.

What's it about?
The site is all about writing, about reading, interacting and inspiring across fandom borders. We try to encourage quality by featuring stories nominated by members and chosen by a designated committee. The forum also encourages promotion and discussion of our stories, fandom- and writing related subjects.

Any future plans?
The plan is to keep the site and community alive, encourage new people to join and help each other become better writers in the process, thereby ensuring quality stories for our visitors.


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