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I know, I know, you're thinking what the hell you've just stumbled upon. Well, if you're fan of anything that comes on tv, you are most likely aware how the cast likes to play pranks on one another. "Firefly" is no different, in fact there are probably a lot of fun pranks that could have been archived.

"Flipping the bird" refers to the still ongoing competition between actor Nathan Fillion & actress Jewel Staite.

As far as I know, the competition started on the set of "Firefly" with Nathan flipping Jewel off in a sceene by showing her the finger all of a sudden. I do not know which sceene, but if I ever get the chance to ask Nathan or he stumbles onto this site and feels like helping, I will try and find out as much as I can.

Nathan has said himself that anyone not knowing him and Jewel would most likely think they disliked each other on set, the way they kept flipping the finger at each other at the worst possible times, but that's as far from the case as possible. They are great friends and the competition is just friendly fun.

When the series was cancelled the competition wasn't, instead the two took it from the set and onto the stages of various conventions, thereby amusing thousands of fans with it. Myself included. I've been following this competition since I got a small demonstration of it at "Fusion" (April 30th - May 2nd 2004), which was before I had even seen Firefly.

This site has archived all the "flips" that I'm aware of. If you can add to it or elaborate flips or you are Jewel or Nathan, I am eager to talk to you.

:: Updates ::

Yes, you're seeing right, I am updating. So, yes, I did see Jewel again when I was at Cubed, but guess what I didn't get time to do, that's right, make the flip-drawing I had planned to make. Also when I asked Jewel about the competition and she said she'd won it, I saw nothing to add, but how wrong I turned out to be. Jaina, from Jewel-Staite.net mailed me an interessting story about a flip that happened away from my prying eyes (sob). So the competition is still alive and kicking. Also thanks to AuntRadegun at Youtube, who filmed Jewel at United Fan Con telling the story behind this competition and about the "Bird in a Box" and "Valentine" flips. Link to the video can be found under "Flip Background" and both those clips. Also, both Nathan and Jewel have gotten myspace profiles, I kid you not, they are the real deal, both verified by reliable sources.

Oh I know, I know, it's been ages and no word. There's an easy explanation to that one. Lack of material to update with. If people have ideas to extra stuff I can put on this site, please let me know. cause it's been ages since the last time I heard of a new flip. Anyways. I felt the site could do with a make-over, so I did this layout, please let me know if you like it and if you have any suggestions for more stuff I can do.

I decided to add a timeline for the flips. As well as a counter for number of flips as well. Would you know, Nathan's in the lead there. Come on Jewel, show him what you're good for ;) On another notes, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I know I did. Got some stuff I wanted, but nothing beat the Starfury Announcement made on Christmas. Jewel's coming to Serenity 3 & 4! I allready can't wait until September!

Thank you, Daphne in my guestbook for the extra info about the Flip at the Flanvention.

Thank you, Dawn for the "Bird in a box" story that Jewel told at Flanvention. Another thanks to Tim Brandon who also had mailed me about that story. Also thanks, Dawn for mentioning of Nathan doing both the Magic trick and gag reel at Flan as well. But as I draw the line to ONE re-usage, any pictures or additional info about those flips will be put under the allready posted stories. Another thanks to Josh Wilhoyte, who corrected me on the Dragon Con mass flip. Scorecard and Top 5 have been updated. And thanks to whoever it was that posted this at Whedonesque, I love reading the comments. Anyone know when the site will open up for new members? I seem to always be missing the opportunity...

Thank you, Adam Pearlman for giving me the picture of Jewel flipping the bird at Serenity 2.

Thank you, Teija for giving me the story for the Dragon Con flip from this year. Also thanks for pointing me to that news community where you found the link. Squee on getting to be "Editors Pick" with the site being just a few days old! Scorecard has also been updated.

Thank you Kurgan for giving me the story of the two Serenity flips. I love it when the list grows. The flips have been added and the scorecard has been updated.

Added a small page about me, complete with picture, fun facts and site links.

Thank you Andy, for correcting me on the Gag reel flip, since I had believed it to be an animated Caleb, as well for sharing puppet Caleb's background. Another thanks for the picture of Nathan flipping the finger at "White Room". It's been put in the "background" section.

:: Disclaimer ::

I am in no way afilliated with Jewel Staite or Nathan Fillion, though if they should wish it, I would love to be.