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:: Valentines Day - The Card ::

After having so many different gags played on her, Jewel wanted to get him back real good, so when Valentines Day came around she got the perfect idea.

She wrote a really creepy letter, making it out to be from a really psychotic fan. Including the poem:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You don't know me
But I know youuuuu

So she dropped it off at his house, to make him believe the fan actually knew where he lived. His girlfriend was there when he checked the mail. And he first saw the envelope with the kissmarks on it. And he said that "That's weird" and then he read it and he got really freaked out by it.

Then he opened the other envelope that came with the letter and it contained a picture of Jewel showing the finger. That picture now stands on the mantle. (Nathan, should you ever read this, I would love it if you could send a photo of it. As, I'm sure, would others.)

A little bonus: Watch Jewel tell the story herself.

* Source: FireflyFans.net

** Clip Source: AuntRadegun at Youtube

:: Disclaimer ::

I am in no way afilliated with Jewel Staite or Nathan Fillion, though if they should wish it, I would love to be.