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Who says you have to even be in the same country to do a gag? Jaina, who runs Jewel-Staite.net was putting toghether a scrapbook that she planned to present to Jewel at Serenity Cubed in September, 2006. A couple of months prior, more precisely she encountered Nathan and Alan Tudyk at London film and comic Con in July. She asked them if they would like to contribute to the scrapbook and the response was the two men letting Jaina photograph them as they presented the middle finger.

Scrapbook Flip Scrapbook Flip
Under no circumstances are these pictures to be taken from this website. This is an expressed request from Jaina, who is the person to ask if you need the pictures for anything. The watermark isn't to be touched.

The pictures ended up in the back of the scrapbook, making them the last thing Jewel saw. So when she looked through the book at the Meet and Greet and came to the pictures her reaction was a mixture of shock and disgust. The first thing she did was taking out her phone to call Nathan. When he didn't pick up, she left a message. (Wish I knew what she said, but I wasn't in the Meet and Greet, so)

* Source of the events and owner of the two pictures, which I got uber-special permission to post after asking very, very nicely: Jaina

:: Disclaimer ::

I am in no way afilliated with Jewel Staite or Nathan Fillion, though if they should wish it, I would love to be.