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I'm exactly 1 year and 11 months younger than Jewel. My favourite color is purple, though when it comes to my hair, I prefere blue. I can do a really good voice immitation of Smeagol/Gollum in Lord of the rings. Recordings can be found at another one of my sites. I love to be artistic in any way I can, whether it's playing, drawing, singing, writing, acting... My voice isn't outstanding, but it's doable and I can hold a tone. Evidence of other artisticness can also be found on other sites.

My name is Guro and no you most likely can't pronounce it properly. Call me G or misskitten and things are shiny. I'm from Norway, yes that's the guitarshaped country in North of Europe that produces a whole lot of metal groups. And no, we do not have polar bears walking our streets... lol.


A couple of happy moments from Cubed:

Thank you, Daniel for taking these pictures at Serenity Cubed.


I've been a Joss-o-holic since watching Buffy at the age of thirteen and Firefly joined my favourites list, when I first watched it in the fall of 2004, a couple of months after my first partly Firefly convention. My favourite character is Kaylee, followed by River. Favourite pairing is Simon/Kaylee.

I run the Norwegian Firefly/Serenity Fanclub after having politely as well as persistantly asking UIP for permission. It's great fun and we're slowly building the norwegian fanbase. Goals include getting Firefly aired in our country, so wish us luck.

First time I got heads up on this competition was when I got to see a short demonstration of it at Fusion. I decided to start keeping score when I heard about other gags. It's only recently that the idea of putting those scores up on a website ocurred. Sorry about that. But it's better late than never is what I say.

Like mentioned before I'm a very artistic person, I write fanfiction as well as making various kinds of fanart, all my Firefly work is posted at Fireflyfans.net should any of you be interessted.


The créme of my other websites


Dream Universe
Buffy/Angel, Fred/Wesley, Dawn/Spike, Simon/Kaylee shipper site. Also center of all my artwork.

BrownCoats Norge
Norwegian Firefly/Serenity Fanclub and site for Norwegians in Norwegian.

Heroes Awards
Buffy Fanfiction Award site and Archive, currently on awards hiatus, but holds a grand number of authors and pieces.

Luna Academy of Magical Arts
Crossover AU universe blended from Buffy characters and Harry Potter world, sprung from a fanfiction series.


If there's anything more you want to know, other than my useless and not-so-useless information above, feel free to mail me and ask.

:: Disclaimer ::

I am in no way afilliated with Jewel Staite or Nathan Fillion, though if they should wish it, I would love to be.