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:: Why the site? ::

I first got to hear and see parts of this competition when I went to my very first convention. This being before I had been introduced to Firefly I was completely green on everything firefly-related, but I sat in the talks anyway, cause I was curious and I'm very glad I did.

It was Nathan who told us about it, though he didn't present it as a competition. He was more telling us that one of his favourite activities on the set was flipping Jewel the finger when she least expected it. Then he did a demonstration of what he claimed to be his favourite finger, which was a magic trick, where he in the end made the finger magically appear.

Jewel followed up at the closing ceremony that convention with first holding the most moving thank-you speech, and then just casually flipping Nathan the finger in front of all 1700 attendees. She received great cheers for that one, from me as well. When I later on heard that there had been more pranks made by the two I started noting the events. And in the end I figured "why the hell not" and made this site. As I will be gathering all the information I can get from this competition, it will be a resource for other fans like myself who just love to hear about what next it is the two people have done.

Everybody is welcome to elaborate it, just mail me. I want it to be as thorough as I can make it.

:: Disclaimer ::

I am in no way afilliated with Jewel Staite or Nathan Fillion, though if they should wish it, I would love to be.